3G Sports Surfaces

Third Generation Artificial Grass or 3G Artificial Grass has not only sand infill but also a rubber crumb infill.

The rubber and sand infill levels support fibres from 35mm to 65mm; adjusting this infill level to produce optimum playing characteristics for particular games is possible.

Generally, they are used for football, but the shorter versions make excellent pitches for hockey practice, and if a shock-absorbent pad is installed underneath, it is perfect for rugby.

These artificial 3G surfaces require regular brushing, particularly before hockey, as ball roll is crucial to the game. The frequency of brushing needed depends upon the pitch’s usage. The thin layer of sand at the base of the pile helps to support the yarn and weigh down the carpet, whilst the rubber crumb provides play characteristics similar to natural grass. The rubber granules may migrate off the surface and onto surrounding areas because they are a loose infill. The granule levels subsequently may require topping up from time to time.

Here’s an overview of 3G sports surfaces:

Characteristics and Features:

  • Fibre Types: 3G surfaces typically feature a combination of long monofilament fibres and shorter fibrillated fibres. These fibres are designed to replicate the look and feel of natural grass.
  • Infill: Unlike earlier generations, 3G surfaces incorporate infill materials such as rubber and sand to provide cushioning, stability, and improved performance.
  • Performance: 3G sports surfaces offer a good compromise between playability, traction, ball roll, and safety. They aim to replicate the feel of natural grass while providing enhanced durability.
  • Shock Absorption: The infill layer contributes to shock absorption, which reduces the risk of player injuries during high-impact activities.
  • Versatility: 3G surfaces are suitable for various sports, including soccer, rugby, and other field sports, making them popular for multi-sport facilities.


  • Durability: 3G surfaces are designed to withstand heavy use, making them ideal for venues with high activity levels.
  • All-Weather Play: These surfaces can be used in weather conditions, including wet and cold, without significant deterioration.
  • Low Maintenance: While maintenance is required, it is generally less intensive than maintaining natural grass fields.
  • Consistent Performance: Combining fibres and infill produces consistent playing characteristics.
  • Customizability: 3G surfaces can be designed with specific attributes to meet the requirements of various sports and performance preferences.


  • Regular Brushing: Regular brushing helps maintain the fibres’ upright position and even infill distribution.
  • Infill Management: Monitoring and maintaining the appropriate infill levels ensure consistent performance and safety.
  • Cleaning: Routine cleaning to remove debris, dust, and organic matter is necessary to prevent infill compaction and maintain drainage.
  • Repairs: Promptly address any damage, tears, or seams to prevent further deterioration.
  • Deep Cleaning: Periodic deep cleaning can help rejuvenate the infill and extend the surface’s lifespan.
  • Infill Redistribution: Regularly redistribute the infill to prevent uneven wear and compaction in high-traffic areas.

3G sports surfaces offer a modern and versatile solution for facilities requiring a durable, all-weather playing surface for various sports. Collaborating with experienced professionals in installing, maintaining, and managing 3G surfaces is crucial to ensure their longevity, performance, and safety.

Most football clubs are looking for an even field with no standing water or bare patches that can be played all year round; artificial 3G Sports Surfaces provide the answer as they can provide the best play characteristics. Bad weather conditions do not stop play when the sports surface is a well-installed artificial pitch.

The polyethylene yarn is more durable than standard polypropylene. The backing is Polypropylene & Polyester Woven + Fleece, thermally bonded for excellent carpet stability and long-term wear.

Many football clubs find that artificial turf is an investment that gives an adequate return.

HB Artificial Sports Surfaces supply and install artificial grass ideal for football and rugby, all are specifically designed for players of all abilities.

Sports Surfaces we install and maintain

Sand Filled Sports Surfaces

Sand Filled Sports Surfaces

Sand Filled Artificial Sports Surfaces are designed to meet the rigorous demands of continuous use. They are hard-wearing synthetic carpets with a vertical pile and meet their requirements quickly if correctly maintained. The grass fibres are kept upright by the sand infill.

Sand Dressed Sports Surfaces

Sand Dressed Sports Surfaces

Sand Dressed Carpet Turf is a dense short pile that requires a fine sand infill. This kind of Artificial Sport Turf is much greener in its appearance as they have more artificial grass fibres exposed than Sand Filled Turf.

3G Sports Surfaces

3G Sports Surfaces

Third Generation Artificial Grass or 3G Artificial Grass utilises longer fibres and as well as a sand infill it also has a rubber crumb infill. Generally 3G Artificial Sports Surfaces are used for the sport of football. However shorter versions make excellent pitches for hockey practice.