MUGAs Surface Maintenance

Regular maintenance of Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) is vital to prolong the lifespan of the surface; it helps to keep it in top working condition and avoids slippery or hazardous surfaces.

The correct maintenance strategy for artificial surfaces can vary depending on the type of surface and the level of usage the surface gets. The location of the artificial carpet also plays has an effect, An artificial surface which shaded and is close to deciduous trees or bushes will require more frequent maintenance than one that is out in the open with no nearby vegetation around. Regular maintenance of any artificial surface will ultimately protect the investment made into it.

HB Sports Surfaces Limited carry out free site surveys to help put together the perfect sports maintenance program for your MUGA (multi use games area). Whether you are a school, club, academy or a private resident, HB Sports can help keep your surface in the best possible playing condition.
The importance of Maintenance

Multi use games areas are extremely important for many authorities that have limited space: clubs, schools etc. They allow the end user to play multiple sports on the same surface, making optimum use of any play space available. They ensure a rich and varied programme of sports for the users. Maintenance of a multi-use games area is vital, it will prolong the lifespan of the artificial surface and prevents courts from becoming slippery even potentially hazardous.

An Artificial Sand-Filled MUGA is a more significant investment than that made for the normal porous macadam multi-sport area and the maintenance does differ slightly. However that said it is extremely cost-effective to carry out maintenance on this type of synthetic sports surface.

Over time, the wet winter months will take their toll on synthetic sports – moss is likely to build up on the surface of these MUGA (multi user games area). This is a common problem and the correct maintenance programme for your surface can help to prevent the build up debris and bacteria deep within the artificial carpets infill. Debris can become compacted; restricting the drainage through the backing material this creates damp, stagnant areas that reduce the performance of your MUGA. You may find pooling or standing water becomes a problem. Some years see more moss growth than other years, so regular maintenance is vital.

Maintenance is always very easy to carry out if you understand the issues and HB Sports Surfaces are experts in the best method to tackle any problem. The application of moss killer on the multi user games area’s surface, followed by an application of weed killer a while later ensures any errant weeds that might appear are prevented, the moss will die along with the weeds. We understand that your MUGA stays in a premium condition all year round.

Our mechanical brushing system we then remove all of the dead moss & debris within the infill. Drag brushing is the best way to re-distribute and de-compact all the sand within the pile. This thorough maintenance programme leaves your MUGA with a perfect finish it would look as good as new. Damaged and worn lines would be rectified and replaced.
Line marking of your synthetic multi use games area (MUGA)

Most sports require line markings and multi use games areas (MUGAS) require court painting in order for you to play on the court. HB Sports Surfaces offer line marking options to our clients, we use the latest in laser technology to give you a perfectly straight lines.
Maintenance for your MUGA – Discounts

HB Sports Surfaces offer discounted rates on annual maintenance contracts as a benefit on every quote we put together. Site surveys are free and you are under no obligation to proceed with any quote we make available. Should you proceed with our quote we do offer you free maintenance guidelines, this will help you keep your multi-use games area in good condition for the time between our maintenance visits.

Most Multi Use Games Areas require full maintenance to be carried out yearly. If the MUGA is surrounded by deciduous trees, bushes or shrubs then detritus is going to be a regular problem and the MUGA would need to receive a more regular treatment.

HB Sports Surfaces offers professional maintenance services with experience in artificial cricket surfaces. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure the MUGA surface remains in top condition.

    Here’s a comprehensive guide to artificial MUGA surface maintenance:

    Daily or Weekly Maintenance:

    Debris Removal – Remove leaves, litter, and other debris from the surface using a leaf blower, brushes, or a mechanical sweeper. Regular debris removal prevents infill compaction and keeps the surface clean.

    Inspect for Damage – Conduct frequent visual inspections to identify any damage, tears, or loose seams. Address these issues promptly to prevent further damage.

    Litter Control – Install litter bins around the MUGA and encourage users to dispose of trash properly.


    Monthly Maintenance:

    Grooming and Brushing – Use specialized grooming equipment to lift and redistribute the infill material evenly. This maintains the turf fibers’ upright position, ensuring better performance and aesthetics.


    Bi-Annual Maintenance:

    Power Brushing – Periodically use power brushing equipment to penetrate the infill material, fluff up the turf fibers, and prevent compaction. This helps maintain optimal playing conditions.

    Infill Level Check – Measure the infill material’s depth and redistribute it as needed to maintain the recommended levels. Consult with the manufacturer or installer for guidance.


    Annual Maintenance:

    Deep Cleaning – Conduct deep cleaning at least once a year using specialized equipment to remove contaminants like moss, algae, dirt, and organic matter. Deep cleaning enhances the appearance and safety of the MUGA.

    Infill Decompaction – Schedule infill decompaction services to break up compacted infill material, promoting optimal ball bounce and field performance.

    Boundary and Line Marking – Repaint and maintain boundary lines, court markings, and other field markings to meet the required standards for play.


    Seasonal Considerations:

    Weather Protection – In hot weather, be mindful of the MUGA’s surface temperature. Consider providing shade or cooling methods for players. In cold weather, ensure the MUGA is not frozen or slippery.


    Player and Staff Education:

    Proper Footwear – Educate players, coaches, and maintenance personnel about the appropriate footwear for the artificial surface. Inappropriate footwear can cause damage and increase maintenance needs.

    By following these maintenance guidelines and conducting regular inspections, you can ensure that your artificial MUGA surface remains safe, visually appealing, and optimal for a variety of sports and activities. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of the surface but also enhances the overall playing experience.