The sport of Tennis can be played equally as well on an artificial surface as on real grass, with the correct maintenance an artificial tennis court can last for years and will not as badly as real grass. A short pile artificial turf offers excellent grip and takes spin well, they can be used through winter as well as summer.

HB Sports Surfaces installation team ensure that clients have a high quality, level, playing surface, suitable for all standards of play.

These artificial surfaces can either be sand dressed or sand filled turf which is not only resilient but also meets with regulations for both domestic or club use. No more sliding on patchy muddy courts and no more muddy sports shoes.

Artificial Grass is becoming increasingly popular with Tennis Clubs / Courts this is because in comparison to clay or natural grass, an artificial grass surface requires considerably less maintenance, it is more resistant to wear than real grass, it repels dirt easier and it is extremely player-friendly. An artificial grass tennis court will last a long time if correctly maintained.

Artificial grass tennis courts can be played on for much longer thanks to their excellent water permeability. This means that tennis court clubs / facilities are able to offer an extended outdoor season. Competitions / schedules no longer have to be cancelled due to the weather rendering the courts into poor condition.

Sand Filled Artificial Sports Surfaces – with pile heights typically of 20 to 24mm will require regular brushing. The interval depends upon the surface usage as well as its positioning. A shaded artificial surface which is close to deciduous trees will require more frequent maintenance than one that is out in the open with no nearby vegetation around. A chemical treatment and deep cleaning throughout its life will ensure the court continues to offer excellent play characteristics. Some artificial courts that have become badly contaminated may require the sand to be completely removed and replaced.

Sand Dressed Artificial Carpets – are predominately a surface designed for hockey, but they also offer a good surface to practice football or play tennis. These types of surfaces usually have pile heights of between 15 and 20mm and they have less sand than the filled surfaces. This means they can offer faster play characteristics, ideal for the game of hockey. Sand Dressed Carpets require regular maintenance just the same as Sand Filled Carpets do. Brushing as well as a chemical treatment to kill off moss/algae will be required. A deep clean will keep artificial carpets on top form.