Maintenance on any synthetic sports surface is vital to prolong the lifespan of the product, maintenance helps to keep playability / performance in top working condition and prevents the surface from becoming slippery.

All weather pitches such as Tennis CourtsMulti-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) etc, require regular routine maintenance. The maintenance programme required varies depending on the type of surface and the level of usage it has. Also the position of the all-weather pitch has an effect on maintenance required, as a sports surface which is in a shaded area bordered by deciduous trees, shrubs and bushes will be more prone to detritus and moss growth. The surface would become contaminated, compacted and slippery. A deep clean would help to solve the problem returning the sports surface back to as good as new condition.

Regular maintenance ultimately protects your investment and saves you money. HB Sports Surfaces Limited carry out free site surveys to help put together the perfect sports maintenance programme for all weather sports pitches. We can help keep your surface in top condition.
All Weather Pitches are a common feature of schools and football clubs. Schools wishing to achieve academy status know they need to greatly improve their sports facilities, all weather sports pitches allow them to offer most sports all year round. Football clubs that have an artificial sport pitch installed can hire the facility out in the evening and during the day all year round in order to increase their revenue.

The investment required to install All Weather Pitches is sizeable and it has to said that maintenance costs add an extra cost, but these artificial sports surfaces provide you with year round play and should you choose to hire out the sports pitch regularly, you can more than cover these costs in a very short period of time.

HB Sports Surfaces Limited ensures we put together the best cost-effective artificial sports surface maintenance package for your club, school or academy.

Important to brush all weather pitches

If an artificial sports surface incurs heavy usage then as a result the infill of the pitch can migrate outwards, this would result in an uneven surface, fibres can bend if they are not supported properly. Pooling can render the slippery and dangerous. If the surface is left in this condition for a period of time then the sports carpet can be permanently damaged.
Regular brushing of the surface will help prevent such damage taking hold of your sports carpet. Drag brushing on sand and rubber in-filled sports surfaces would help to re-distribute the in-fill evenly and reduce surface compaction. The pile would be lifted ensuring the surface has good play characteristics.

Decompacting – All Weather Pitches

A synthetic pitch which is regularly played upon can result in the in-fill becoming compacted, this can lead to poor drainage and playing characteristics.
De-compaction will be required in order to restore the artificial surface to a good as new condition. Professionally done, decompaction is the process of lifting the infill to the surface of the pile, pollutants and debris that accumulates below can then be easily removed. The in-fill is then brushed and levelled back into the pile, should any in-fill need replacing this is also done at this stage.

HB Sports Surfaces would usually advise that you commission this type of maintenance work every six months to ensure your all weather pitch is in top condition all year round.