Sand build-up problems

The buildup of sand on artificial sports surfaces can be problematic, affecting playability, aesthetics, and safety. Sand accumulation typically occurs due to the migration of infill material or other environmental factors.

Here’s how to address and prevent sand buildup problems on artificial sports surfaces:

Regular Grooming:

Preventive Measure: Implement a routine grooming schedule using specialised grooming equipment designed for artificial turf. Regular grooming redistributes infill material and prevents sand from accumulating in certain areas.

Brushing and Drag Brushing:

Preventive Measure: Brushing the surface regularly, especially in high-traffic areas, can help prevent sand buildup. Drag brushing equipment can redistribute infill material and maintain a level playing surface.


Preventive Measure: Decompaction services, which involve specialised equipment to break up compaction within the infill material, can help prevent sand buildup and maintain proper infill distribution.

Infill Top-Up:

Response Measure: If you notice significant infill displacement or loss, consider a top-up service to replenish the infill material to its recommended levels. Consult with professionals to ensure the proper type and amount of infill are used.

Infill Stabilization:

Preventive Measure: Some infill materials can be treated with stabilisers to help prevent migration and displacement.

Perimeter Borders or Edging:

Preventive Measure: Install perimeter borders or edging materials to help contain infill within the playing area, reducing the risk of sand accumulation along the edges.

Infill-Friendly Footwear:

Preventive Measure: Encourage players and maintenance personnel to use appropriate footwear on the artificial turf to minimise the risk of infill migration.

Regular Inspection:

Preventive Measure: Conduct regular inspections to identify areas with significant sand buildup and address them promptly.


Preventive Measure: Regularly remove debris, leaves, and organic matter from the surface to prevent infill displacement and sand buildup.

Preventing Wind Erosion:

Preventive Measure: In areas prone to strong winds, consider using windbreaks or barriers to prevent infill material from being carried away.

Expert Consultation:

Preventive Measure: Collaborate with experienced professionals specialising in artificial sports surface maintenance. They can guide the best preventive practices and address sand buildup issues effectively.

Addressing sand buildup on artificial sports surfaces requires a combination of preventive measures and routine maintenance practices. By regularly grooming, redistributing infill material, and implementing appropriate maintenance techniques, you can ensure that the playing area remains safe, visually appealing, and optimal for performance.