Infill compaction problems

Infill compaction on artificial sports surfaces is a common problem that can affect playability, safety, and the overall performance of the surface. Compacted infill can reduce shock absorption, increase hardness, and decrease ball bounce.

Here’s how to address and prevent infill compaction problems:

Decompaction Services:

Response Measure: Schedule decompaction services performed by professionals with specialised equipment to break up compacted infill material. Decompaction services help restore the proper infill characteristics and improve drainage.

Routine Grooming and Brushing:

Preventive Measure: Implement a regular grooming and brushing schedule to prevent infill compaction. This practice helps redistribute the infill material, keeping it loose and maintaining optimal playability.

Power Brushing:

Preventive Measure: Periodically use power brushing equipment to penetrate the infill material, fluff up the turf fibres, and prevent compaction.

Infill Redistribution:

Preventive Measure: Ensure infill material is evenly distributed across the surface. Address areas with uneven or compacted infill by redistributing the material as needed.

Infill Top-Up:

Response Measure: If infill compaction is severe and decompaction alone is insufficient, consider a top-up service to replenish the infill material to its recommended levels.

Prevent Overuse of the Surface:

Preventive Measure: Minimize excessive use of the sports surface, especially in high-traffic areas. Implement scheduling and usage guidelines to spread out wear and reduce the risk of compaction.

Proper Maintenance of Equipment:

Preventive Measure: Ensure maintenance equipment used on the surface, such as drag brushes and grooming equipment, is in good condition. Properly maintained equipment is more effective at preventing infill compaction.

Controlling Environmental Factors:

Preventive Measure: Implement measures to control environmental factors contributing to infill compaction, such as minimising heavy equipment traffic during wet conditions.

Professional Maintenance Services:

Preventive and Response Measure: Collaborate with experienced professionals specialising in artificial sports surface maintenance. They can guide infill management, decompaction services, and preventative measures to minimise infill compaction.

Regular Inspections:

Preventive Measure: Regularly inspect the surface to identify areas with infill compaction and promptly address them.

Addressing infill compaction problems on artificial sports surfaces requires a combination of preventive measures and routine maintenance practices. By monitoring infill levels, scheduling decompaction services, and implementing proper maintenance, you can ensure that the playing area remains safe, maintains optimal performance characteristics, and avoids the adverse effects of infill compaction.