Line Marking

An artificial sports surface line marking service involves accurately applying the necessary lines, markings, and logos for specific sports onto the synthetic turf. Proper line markings are essential for defining playing areas, ensuring fair play, and enhancing the overall sports experience.

Here’s what a typical line marking service for artificial sports surfaces might involve:


  • Clear the surface of any debris, dirt, or obstacles that could interfere with the line marking process.
  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry before proceeding.

Measurement and Layout:

  • Accurately measure and mark the locations for all required lines, markings, and logos based on the specific sports regulations and dimensions.
  • Use string lines, chalk, or other marking tools to lay out the markings precisely.

Line Marking:

  • The type of paint we use for line marking Artificial Sports Surfaces is Two Pack Polyurethane.
  • This paint can be applied to surfaces in dry weather with temperatures of 5 degrees Centigrade and above; this is one of its advantages over water-based acrylic, which has to be used on a warm, dry day. Two Pack Polyurethane paint is very flexible, bonds well to artificial surfaces, and is chemically cured.
  • Several variables affect the longevity of painted sports lines on artificial grass. The wax coatings applied at the production stage of the synthetic grass can make it harder for the paint to adhere, but we have found that Two Pack Polyurethane Paint lasts longer than water-based acrylic.
  • The current colours we use are White, Red, Yellow, and Blue; however, other colours are available should you require us to use them.

Line Application:

  • Apply the selected line marking material using specialised equipment. This might include hand-operated spray markers or mechanical line marking machines.
  • Ensure the lines are straight, accurately placed, and width according to sport-specific regulations.

Drying and Setting:

Allow the line marking material to dry and set before allowing any activity on the surface. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for drying time.


After the line marking is complete, please conduct a thorough inspection to make sure the lines are clear, accurate, and meet the required standards.

Benefits of Professional Line Marking:

  • Precision: Professional line marking ensures accurate measurements and proper placement of lines, meeting the specific requirements of each sport.
  • Aesthetics: Clear and well-defined lines enhance the overall appearance of the sports surface.
  • Compliance: Properly marked lines ensure players, officials, and spectators can quickly identify playing areas, penalty zones, and other crucial game elements.
  • Safety: Accurate line markings contribute to safe play and fair competition.
  • Durability: High-quality line marking materials are designed to withstand regular use and weather conditions.

As with any painted surface, sports lines on artificial surfaces must be re-painted as they wear off and fade over time. Maintenance of line markings is crucial to sports surface presentation. Clear line markings make an artificial surface more pleasurable to play on. Sport lines tend to be the first points affected by the build-up of algae and moss, etc., so it is vitally important to keep them maintained.

When seeking a line marking service for an artificial sports surface, working with experienced professionals knowledgeable about each sport’s specific regulations and requirements is essential. This ensures that the line markings are accurate durable, and contribute to a successful sporting experience.