An artificial sports surface decompaction service involves addressing the issue of infill compaction within the synthetic turf. Over time, the infill material can become compressed due to heavy use, weather conditions, and other factors. This can negatively impact the surface’s playability, drainage, shock absorption, and overall performance. A decompaction service aims to restore the infill’s properties and improve the quality of the playing surface.

Here’s what a typical infill decompaction service might entail:


Professionals assess the extent of infill compaction and the overall condition of the artificial sports surface.

Equipment Selection:

Specialised decompaction equipment is selected based on the type of infill material used and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Decompaction Process:

  • The decompaction equipment, which might use vibration or rotary action techniques, is systematically applied across the playing area.
  • The equipment penetrates the infill material, breaking up compaction and allowing air and water to flow more freely.

Infilled Grooming:

After the decompaction process, grooming equipment is used to redistribute the infill material and create an even surface.

Quality Check:

The surface is inspected to ensure the infill has been adequately decompacted and the surface’s playability has been improved.

Benefits of Decompaction Service:

  • Improved Playability: Decompaction restores the infill’s ability to provide cushioning and support, enhancing ball bounce, traction, and shock absorption.
  • Enhanced Drainage: Decompacted infill improves water drainage, reducing the risk of water accumulation on the surface.
  • Safety: Improved shock absorption properties contribute to safer play, reducing the likelihood of player injuries.
  • Longevity: Regular decompaction can extend the lifespan of the artificial sports surface, maintaining its performance over time.
  • Consistent Performance: Decompaction ensures that the playing area offers consistent performance characteristics.

When considering an infill decompaction service, it’s essential to work with experienced professionals familiar with the specific infill material used in your sports surface. Using proper decompaction equipment and techniques is crucial for achieving effective results without causing damage to the turf or infill. Regular decompaction, as part of a comprehensive maintenance plan, can help keep your artificial sports surface in optimal condition.