Infill sand is used to support the fibres to within 5-8mm (up to two-thirds the height of the pile) of the tips and it is this sand that gives the surface its stability. Play takes place on the fibre, not on the infill, this improves play performance.

These artificial surfaces usually have pile heights between 15 and 20mm. Sand dressed surfaces have less sand than the filled surfaces, this can result in considerably faster play characteristics.

Sand Dressed Artificial Turf Carpets are predominately a surface designed for hockey, due to the achievable speed of ball role. Sand dressed artificial turf is ideal for Multi-Sport Surfaces, it is also great for Tennis. As for the sport of football it is fine to be used as a practice pitch. 3G artificial turf is recommended for rugby.

As with sand filled, these carpets require regular maintenance. The correct comprehensive maintenance can help to significantly increase the longevity of your artificial sports turf it will also ensure an enhanced and safe playing surface.

For this kind of artificial sports surface to be properly maintained it would require:

Power Brushing

Regular Power Brushing of artificial sports grass helps to bed the sand into the fibres, moving the sand around also reduces moss and debris build-up within the fibres.

Top-Up / Infill

Sand replacement may be required even for sports surfaces that are regularly maintained can become compacted, in some cases debris can cause problems resulting in poor drainage.

Drag Brushing

Regular drag brushing is an essential part of a maintenance programme to ensure the infill is distributed evenly and to reduce surface compaction.

Detritus Removal

On top of Regular Brushing we strongly recommend an annual Deep Clean. Over the year moss, dirt and debris build up and affect the colour and the performance.

Algae and Moss Removal

Moss, Algae and weed growth is also prevented by the appliance of chemicals. These Chemicals require time to penetrate the surface in order to help detritus removal.

Line Marking

Maintenance of line markings is crucial to sports surface presentation. Clear line markings make an artificial surface more pleasurable to play on.

Sports Surfaces we install and maintain

Sand Filled Sports Surfaces

Sand Filled Artificial Sports Surfaces are designed to meet the rigorous demands of continuous use. They are hard wearing synthetic carpets with a vertical pile and so long as they are maintained properly they meet their requirements easily. The grass fibres are kept upright by the sand infill.

Sand Dressed Sports Surfaces

Sand Dressed Carpet Turf is a dense short pile that requires a fine sand infill. This kind of Artificial Sport Turf is much greener in its appearance as they have more artificial grass fibres exposed than Sand Filled Turf.

3G Sports Surfaces

Third Generation Artificial Grass or 3G Artificial Grass utilises longer fibres and as well as a sand infill it also has a rubber crumb infill. Generally 3G Artificial Sports Surfaces are used for the sport of football. However shorter versions make excellent pitches for hockey practice.