You have had great use of your artificial sport surface but use and the elements are making your sports surface show many problem from wear and tear to contamination, infill issues and various detritus.

Using HB Sports Surfaces for regular maintenance would have limited many of these happening and reduced the level of work to solve the problem.

However our expertise means we have solutions to all the below problems:

Surface, joint and play line damage

Artificial surfaces can sometimes suffer from joint and play line separation. A damaged artificial sports surface will have adverse effects on the playability of any sports. Loss of adhesion and sometimes vandalism can damage the artificial surface to the point of being deemed unsafe. Any loss of adhesion or fraying around joints and seams can allow infill to escape from beneath, this problem will worsen as play goes on.

It is always advised to repair as soon as possible before the artificial sports carpet is too badly damaged.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Algae, moss and weeds

Algae, moss and weeds can build up on surfaces where such vegetation has been allowed to grow and spread. If they are left for a period unchecked, this detritus will inevitably lead to infill contamination and this in time will hinder the play performance of your artificial sports surface.

The solution to this problem is to undertake regular maintenance, in order to control vegetation contamination. Deep Cleaning and Power Sweeping will help to stay on top of the problem.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed


Insufficient drainage causes pooling on artificial sports surfaces. A seriously slippery surface is the result of a neglected sports pitch. Routine maintenance will eliminate detritus build up and prevent contamination of the sand underneath.

A good maintenance programme entailing vegetation control, deep cleaning and Power Sweeping will ensure that the artificial carpet is able to drain well so good play performance is not lost.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed


Staining can occur when mud or other contaminants are brought onto the playing surface and not properly cleaned off, water can pool on the artificial sports surface leaving debris, this can lead to staining and present a slip hazard.

A professional artificial sports surface maintenance programme can ensure your artificial surface is free from stains.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Sand build up

Sand build up can occur around the edges of the artificial sports surface if it is not properly maintained. A professional maintenance programme can help to ensure there is no sand build-up and that the base in-fill consistency across the surface is equal.

Regular professional brushing will help to keep this problem at bay.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Infill shortage

This problem occurs if the sports surface has not been properly maintained. The sand infill can reduce or be pushed to the edges of the surface with repeated play so without the protection of the infill, the surface can become worn and damaged more easily. The artificial sports surface play performance will be adversely affected.

A maintenance programme will ensure the artificial surface is properly in-filled and top-up where appropriate.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Infill Compaction

Infill compaction can adversely affect the play performance of the artificial grass sports surface, this is because the fill is forced together overtime through use as well as prevailing weather conditions. Compaction means that the void space between the infill is reduced and in turn this reduces the space between the fill particles. This compaction of infill prevents water passing through and results in standing/pooling water. Poor drainage results in loss of use and promotes moss and algae growth on the artificial surface. The sports ground can then become slippery and hard. The Artificial Piles’ tip can become unsupported so play characteristics are altered considerably.

A maintenance programme will ensure the artificial surface is decompacted.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Infill Contamination

All foreign debris serves only to contaminate artificial sports surfaces. Vegetation, moss, algae, spores, carpet fires, skin and ball fluff etc can all fill the void between the infill particles. The sub-surface becomes blocked and upper levels rendered sealed, preventing good drainage. The surface will then be prone to flooding and standing pools of water. The sports carpet will become slippery algae growth prevails and just as with infill compaction the contamination of the infill will adversely affect play characteristics.

A good maintenance programme can help to prevent infill contamination as a professional clean would keep debris to a minimum.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Pile Fold

Infill particles can compact together in areas of high wear (around goal mouths, base lines, entrances etc).
If this compaction of the sub-base is left untreated then the artificial carpet pile can tend to bend over or fold due to being unsupported. Traction is then lost and the sport surface can become slippery.

HB’s professional maintenance programme can help to prevent ‘Pile Fold’ as compacted infill would be treated /replaced and new infill would be evenly distributed.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed

Heavy Vegetation

All forms of vegetation and foreign debris on an artificial sports surface is not good news, it can cause serious damage to the carpet and play performance would be badly affected. Debris and vegetation control would be undertaken during our comprehensive maintenance programme, chemicals are applied to eliminate the growth of moss, algae, weeds etc.

How regular this treatment would have to be carried out, is dependent on the type of surface and it’s positioning in terms of shade, deciduous trees etc.

Surfaces Affected3G : Sand Filled : Sand Dressed