Maintenance is a very important aspect of our service. It is a fact that poor sports surface maintenance reduces the lifespan of synthetic turf more than any other factor. Even an under-used facility will prematurely age if it is not regularly and properly maintained.

A good maintenance regime can provide maximum performance and foreseeable problems like moss and algae build up can be avoided.

HB Sports Surfaces can offer full maintenance packages; we are experts with a proven track record of artificial sports turf maintenance and we believe it to be a very important aspect of our service. Poor maintenance will lead to premature ageing and the lifespan of synthetic turf will be drastically reduced.

Services such as: regular brushing, power sweeping, deep cleaning, detritus/dirt removal, infill replacement and refurbishment can help to ensure your sports facility stays on top form. HB Sports maintenance, experts with a proven track record.

Sports Surface Maintenance Programmes

Our maintenance programmes are tailored to our clients needs and covers:

Deep Clean


Deep Clean

On top of Regular Brushing we strongly recommend an annual Deep Clean. Over the year, moss, dirt and debris build up and affect the colour and the performance.

Our powerful deep cleaning service revitalises your synthetic sports surface ensuring you continue to get the best performance out of your surface.

The infill systems of artificial sports surfaces that are surrounded by deciduous trees and vegetation are susceptible to chronic drainage problems, moss and algae contamination and poor play characteristics.

A deep clean is advisable in these circumstances as Drag Brushing, Sweeping and Power Brushing are often not invasive enough to tackle these problems, especially on older sports surfaces.

Specialist Deep Cleaning machinery is used to intrusively de-compact and filter the sports surface infill. Rotary brushes rotate in different directions in order to extract the deep set sand. Contaminates are subsequently filtered out and infill particles are de-compacted preventing the pile from ‘folding over’. This maintenance procedure is perfect for sand-filled or sand-dressed hockey pitches, tennis courts and football pitches etc. Drainage will be significantly improved, moss and algae growth treated and the overall artificial sports surface performance consequently reinstated.

In-Fill Top Ups


In Fill Top Ups

Sand replacement and Surface Repairs are required after some years as even sports surfaces that are regularly maintained can become compacted, in some cases debris can cause problems, and this would result in poor drainage.

Areas which suffer excessive use, ie, penalty spots can after years deteriorate, and the surface may deform, causing poor play conditions. It is essential to keep the infill levels topped up to prevent this, as the insufficient infill will not protect or support the yarn pile satisfactorily. If an infill procedure is not carried out correctly, it could lead to more costly maintenance costs in the future.

Compacted sand and debris are removed using a Power Sweeper, and new sand is then laid, spread and brushed into the carpet, this repair renders the sports surface as good as new and far cheaper than installing a new one. Any vandalism to an artificial sports pitch is on the whole generally easily fixed.

HB Sports Surfaces offer an infill top-up service for sand-in-filled and rubber-in-filled surfaces. Your pitch will return to performance level, and its life span subsequently increased.

InFill Replacement
Over a long period, a sand or rubber infill system may become too contaminated or too compacted for a corrective maintenance procedure to be fully effective. Drainage may be affected by a congested/contaminated in-fill. The general Play Performance of the artificial sports surface will degenerate. If this is the case, the synthetic sports surface will require an infill replacement which will add a few more years on to the life of the surface.

3G Decompaction
3G sports surfaces have a rubber crumb in-fill; this can become compacted over time, leaving the top of the yarn unsupported. If this type of compaction does occur the sports surface will be incapable of withstanding intensive play. A de-compaction maintenance procedure would be advisable at this stage. De-compaction would help to release compacted rubber and brushing helps to evenly re-distribute the infill throughout the area.

Line Marking


Line Marking

HB Sports Maintenance offer line marking services for all types of synthetic sports surfaces and can professionally line all pitch, court and track-based sports. We recommend that line markings are renewed twice a year on sand-filled and sand-dressed sports surfaces.

The type of paint we use for line marking Artificial Sports Surfaces is called Two Pack Polyurethane.

This paint can be applied to surfaces in dry weather with temperatures of 5 degrees Centigrade and above, this is one of the advantages it has over water based acrylic which has to be applied on a warm dry day. Two Pack Polyurethane paint is very flexible, it bonds to artificial surfaces well and it is chemically cured.

A number of variables effect the longevity of painted sports lines on artificial grass, the wax coatings applied at the production stage of the artificial grass can make it harder for the paint to adhere, but we have found that Two Pack Polyurethane Paint lasts longer than the water based acrylic.

Colours we use at present are: White, Red, Yellow, Blue however other colours are available should you require us to use them.

As with any painted surface painted sports lines on artificial surfaces will need to be re-painted as they do wear off and fade over time. Maintenance of line markings is crucial to sports surface presentation. Clear line markings make an artificial surface more pleasurable to play on. Sport lines tend to be the first points affected by the build up of algae and moss etc, so it is vitally important to keep them maintained.


Surface Repairs


Surface Repairs

High wear areas of artificial sports surfaces often require attention, areas around goals, penalty spots etc. can become badly affected and need repair.

Adhesives can break down and seams and lines may need to be replaced. Rain and frost on older sports surfaces can penetrate under the artificial carpet; this action can cause adhesives to break down and seams to fail. Worn areas can be cut out and patched; sub-surfaces may also require attention, especially those which may be found to be around collapsed drains.


Drag Brushing


Drag Brushing

Regular drag brushing is an essential part of a maintenance programme to ensure the infill is distributed evenly and to reduce surface compaction.

Drag Brushing lifts the artificial carpet pile ensuring it is more responsive. Drag Brushing is carried out on sand and rubber in-filled artificial turf.  Where a sports facility is very well used then Drag Brushing is advised to be carried out weekly.



Power Brushing

Regular Power Brushing of artificial sports grass helps to bed the sand into the fibres, moving the sand around also reduces moss and debris build-up within the fibres.

Power Sweeping is used on all types of artificial grass surfaces. Rotary power brushes lift the pile and filter the top infill layer. Power Brushing reduces surface contamination from algae, moss etc.

Regular brushing at advised intervals can ensure you get the best performance out of your surface and give it that essential long lifespan.


Moss and Algae Control


Moss and Algae Control

Moss, Algae and weed growth is also prevented by the appliance of chemicals. These Chemicals require time to penetrate the surface in order to help detritus removal.

Algaecide which is injected deeply into a sports carpet will successfully remove any deep rooted algae. Vegetation contamination can pose a slip hazard and render your artificial sports surface dangerous. The regularity of such chemical treatments is dependent on the positioning of the artificial sports surface to such things as shade, damp areas, deciduous trees etc.

If contamination on sand filled and sand dressed surfaces is at an advanced stage the HB Sports Surfaces would recommend a Deep Clean maintenance programme.

HB Sorts Surfaces team are fully qualified in chemical application. Health and safety is a top priority to HB Sports Surfaces, our maintenance packages ensure all sports surfaces are restored to optimum standard.



The benefits of professional sports surface maintenance are:

  • Manufacturer’s product guarantees up to 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • We have a highly experienced workforce.
  • Specialist knowledge of the products, understanding any problems occurring.
  • We use specialist chemicals/equipment to treat contaminated sports surfaces.
  • We use specialist de-compaction equipment.
  • We competently undertake seam repairs
  • We are experienced in renovation/regeneration of sports surfaces.
  • Line marking is undertaken using only specialists’ paints/equipment.
  • We carry out any works as quickly and competently as possible.
  • Maintenance programmes designed to suit the needs of the individual facility.
  • ‘Aftercare’ is essential to the performance and life of your Artificial Sports Surface.